Latest arrivals in music.

Hello good people! It’s been a while since we posted about music, well really since we talked non stop about Record Store Day. Well that has passed, it was amazing and we do still have about 2 crates of RSD releases available so get them well you can. Enough of that talk, and I will get to the new vinyl that has been coming in the past couple weeks in a post later today.
I want to highlight some great local indie talent. You may have known we had an outdoor show here featuring Diderick (Ben Ritchie), James Leclaire, and Ali McCormick & Blackstrap Molasses. Well, Ali just released her CD and we have it here along with the most recent offerings from James Leclaire and Diderick. So if you missed the show, you can still pick up the music.

local indie

Ali McCormick & Blackstrap Molasses


James Leclaire