Required Reading

As a bookseller, I’m often asked to give recommendations, but this time I’m asking for you to get interactive! Can you help a girl out?

I’m doing a reading challenge for 2019 and one of the items to tick off the list is “re-read a book you read in school”. Maybe I’ve just blanked school out? (Or maybe all of that aerosol hairspray literally went to my head.) I’m having trouble remembering what was required reading way back when. So far, I only remember The Little Prince, The Great Gatsby, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Catcher in the Rye, and lots of Coles Notes/skim-reading of Shakespeare.

What books do you remember having to read as a kid as part of your school curriculum? Did you like the books you were forced to read or were there ones would you have preferred? Or maybe you’re currently in school or a teacher. Which book is your next book report going to be based on?

Whoever answers wins a (virtual) gold star!


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