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Since we’ve got so many new releases let’s dig right in! No videos / sample tracks this time because there’s way too much, our eShop will have a little more deets for you though.

Weezer – Van Weezer (Indie Exclusive) – Neon Pink Vinyl
Van Weezer, the band’s fifteenth studio album, is produced by Suzy Shinn (Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy.) The inspiration for this album derives from the deepest roots of Weezer – metal!
What has metal got to do with Weezer, you ask? In his earliest years, Rivers was a huge KISS fan; Brian was a big Black Sabbath fan; Pat worshipped at the altar of Van Halen and Rush; Scott loved Slayer and Metallica. The last time this vein of harder rock was mined by Weezer was on their much-loved 2002 album Maladroit; Van Weezer is primed to take that album’s sonics many steps further.

Gogo Penguin – GGP/RMX (Limited Edition) Red and Blue Vinyl
A GoGo Penguin remix album feels like a natural progression, but in this group’s true spirit, it never sounds like a predictable move. Since their emergence a decade ago, the Manchester-based trio (pianist Chris Illingworth, drummer Rob Turner, and bassist Nick Blacka) have been internationally hailed as electrifying live performers, innovative soundtrack composers, and as a collective who channel electronic and club culture atmospheres as much as minimalist influences or jazz legacy.

GGP/RMX is a concept that the group have fostered for years; it comes to brilliant fruition as a vividly reimagination of their fifth album, and self-defining masterwork, GoGo Penguin. Each track from the album is reimagined as well as a mesmerising new version of the previously rare gem Petit_a (which was initially a Japan-only release before it emerged on GGP’s digital EP Live From Studio 2). The group have personally enlisted an array of the world’s sharpest artist-producers and remixers.

Andrew Hill – Passing Ships (2LP/Tone Poet Series)
Andrew Hill is one of the most distinctive pianists and composing talents in jazz. Yet this profoundly moving session recorded in 1969 sat unreleased until 2003 when it was finally issued on CD through the efforts of Blue Note archivist Michael Cuscuna. Hill penned all seven of Passing Ships’ compositions for an ensemble featuring Woody Shaw and Dizzy Reece on trumpet, Julian Priester on trombone, Joe Farrell on saxes, flute and bass clarinet, Howard Johnson on tuba, Bob Northern on French horn, Ron Carter on bass, and Lenny White on drums. Passing Ships stands comparison to Hill’s greatest work, and is presented for the first time on vinyl with this Tone Poet Edition.

Liquid Tension Experiment – LTE 3
In modern-day progressive rock, it seems as though there is a new supergroup every few weeks. But long before this was the norm, and before musicians were routinely involved in more than one band, there was Liquid Tension Experiment. Back in 1997, Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic, Sons of Apollo), John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), and Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel), joined forces to create Liquid Tension Experiment. The foursome would release their iconic, self-titled debut album in 1998 and the dazzling follow-up, LTE2 in 1999, creating a dynamic, frantic, and inventive sound all their own. The incredible creativity between the collective would prompt Petrucci and Portnoy to invite Rudess to join Dream Theater, effectively marking the end of this side project. However, since that time, there have been few reunions more in demand. Now, with the world in lockdown and calendars unexpectedly aligned, the inconceivable has finally happened…Liquid Tension Experiment 3.

Innov Gnawa – Lila
Daptone Records is honored to announce the release of Innov Gnawa’s forthcoming full length, Lila. Hailing from Morocco, but based in NYC, Innov Gnawa have been making waves locally and abroad with their hypnotic live shows – which is why Producer, Bosco Mann invited the group to come record at the Legendary Daptone House of Soul. Gnawa is music and spiritual tradition rooted in Morocco and dates back many centuries. Liberated slaves of Northern and Western Africa integrated their musical rhythms and religious beliefs into the culture of Morocco creating a unique style of music and dance called Gnawa. It’s not religious music, but rather music and rhythms that promote healing through trance and spirituality.

Peter Murphy – Holy Smoke (Clear Smoke Vinyl)
The fourth Peter Murphy album “Holy Smoke” contained the single “The Sweetest Drop”, which made it onto the modern rock charts. It was an elegant follow up to “Deep” with crisp production by Mike Thorne. As written in the original press release for the album, “you can’t pin down “Holy Smoke”, it curls and eddies in white and blue swirls, drawing a series of patterns on the brain, but just when an image begins to come into focus, the music mutates into something hypnotically new”.

Peter Murphy – Deep (Clear Vinyl)
Peter’s third solo album saw him break wide open with his biggest hit “Cuts You Up”, which is often included in lists of the greatest alternative singles. Propelling him into mainstream stardom, “Deep” also had two additional fantastic charting singles – “The Line Between the Devil’s Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)”, and “A Strange Kind of Love”. Again produced by Simon Rogers, the critically acclaimed album is still a fan favourite.

Tom Petty – Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)
Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions)—the latest offering of Tom Petty music, curated with help from his loving family, bandmates and collaborators—will be released on April 16 via Warner Records.
Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) follows Wildflowers & All The Rest which was hailed by Rolling Stone as “the definitive artistic statement that newly illuminates one of the most fruitful, inspired periods of the American legend’s career,” and by Variety, who called it “the best and most justified boxed set of this kind since the Beatles’ White Album compendium.” In fact, the songs on Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) first initiated the estate’s discovery and curation process for the larger project.
Finding Wildflowers (Alternate Versions) features 16 studio recordings of alternate takes, long cuts and jam versions of Wildflowers songs as Tom, band members and co-producer Rick Rubin worked to finalize the album in 1994. The release offers fans further deep access into the writing and recording of Wildflowers, as well as realizing the full vision of the project as Tom had always intended.

Swamp Dogg – Rat On!

The classic 1971 Deep Soul album pressed on multi-color vinyl! Vocally, Swamp Dogg sounds like a cross between General Johnson (of Chairmen of the Board) and Van Morrison; as a songwriter, he’s his own man. With the exception of Sly Stone, no other soul men of the period were investigating controversial topics with such infectious musicality and good humor. ‘ Richie Unterberger

Elliott Smith – An Introduction to Elliott Smith
For those looking to discover Elliott Smith for the first time, or longtime fans seeking a collection of his greatest work, An Introduction To… offers a thoughtfully curated compilation spanning the length of his career and posthumous releases. Highlighting his many talents, An Introduction To… depicts a musician capable of intensely intimate songwriting, from reflective and affecting lyricism, to remarkable pop sensibilities. A defining look back on his diverse and influential discography, this compilation delves deep into what makes Elliott Smith an emotional touchstone for so many listeners the world over.


We also have some VERY limited reissues that have come in. Jump on them fast though because once they’re gone, they’re gone. Those releases are:

Various Artists – Afrikan Blood (Indie Exclusive) Red Vinyl
Clement Dodd, the founder of the iconic Studio One label, was a fierce proponent of Marcus Garvey’s message of self-reliance that he had heard in his youth. Over the years he recorded and produced many songs that expressed the yearnings and feelings of his fellow Jamaicans. Afrikan Blood is a timely release that captures some of the roots reggae songs that speak to the injustices that still exist today. Many of the songs on Afrikan Blood are previously unreleased or unreleased stereo mixes by foundation artists like Alton Ellis, The Gaylads, The Wailing Souls and Freddie McGregor. As Judah Eskender Tafari sings, “Afrikan Blood keeps on flowing through my veins.” This pressing of Afrikan Blood arrives on red vinyl and is limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

First Aid Kit – The Big Black and The Blue (Limited Edition) Blue Vinyl

First Aid Kit’s debut full-length album, available on blue vinyl for the first time.




Voivod – The Outer Limits (Limited Edition) Blue with Black Swirl Vinyl
We’ve put out a lot of rare albums here at Real Gone Music, but this one might be the rarest: right now there’s just one copy for sale online for over $1000! That’s partly because this 1993 record only came out briefly on vinyl in Europe…but it’s also because The Outer Limits offers the unique blend of atonal riffs, off-time tempo changes, and sci-fi imagery that made this Quebec band such a shining star in the Canadian metal scene. The Outer Limits features a great cover of Pink Floyd’s “The Nile Song” (Voïvod had covered “Astronomy Domine” on their 1989 album Nothingface), but without question the album’s centerpiece is the winding 17-minute song “Jack Luminous,” which is something of a prog-rock masterpiece. Our first-ever domestic vinyl reissue comes with a jacket and inner sleeve boasting lyrics and drummer Michael Langevin’s illustrations. Blue with black swirl pressing limited to 1500 copies!

Buckcherry – Buckcherry (Limited Edition) Red Vinyl

1999 debut release from the hard rockin’ band fronted by Josh Todd! This album led to them to touring with Lenny Kravitz and appearing at Woodstock ’99. Produced by Terry Date and Steve Jones. Features the hit “Lit Up”. Red vinyl edition

Lit Up; Crushed; Dead Again; Check Your Head; Dirty Mind; For the Movies; Lawless and Lulu; Related; Borderline; Get Back; Baby; Drink the Water

Milla Jovovich – The Divine Comedy (Limited Edition) Red Vinyl
Uh oh a fashion model recording an album? But there was a lot more to Milla Jovovich than just her looks; in fact, when the SBK label tried to make The Divine Comedy into a pop album, she fought back and insisted on using her own poetry and instrumental accompaniment, much of it tinged with her native Ukrainian folk themes. The result was a one of the best-kept secrets of the ’90s, a record that recalls Kate Bush and Tori Amos with an added Eastern European exoticism….all made at the tender age of 19, before her starring roles in The Fifth Element and the Resident Evil films. We’re pressing this album in red vinyl and housing it inside a jacket with printed inner sleeve…a package worthy of the artist!

Pantera – Vulgar Display Of Power (Indie Exclusive Limited Edition)
Pantera’s second landmark album in a row, 1992’s Vulgar Display Of Power, cemented their reputation, with Dimebag Darrell’s strafing leads making him the newest poster boy for electric guitar mayhem. Anselmo’s dark lyrics and fearsome roar pressed him to the front lines of metal’s most compelling frontmen, and the videos for such songs as “Mouth For War,” “This Love” and “Walk” (which turned Anselmo’s intimidating refrain of “Are You Talkin’ To Me!?!” into a rallying cry) became three of the most popular clips on MTV’s Headbangers Ball.

Pantera – Cowboys From Hell (Indie Exclusive Limited Edition)
With their 1990 major label debut, Pantera unleashes one of the most acclaimed and imitated records in the history of the genre. Upon it’s release (and soon after unsuspecting fans took a gander at the band’s take-no prisoners live shows), songs like the album’s title track and “Cemetary Gates” helped Pantera to swiftly join America’s pantheon of great heavy metal bands.

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