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March 31, 2015 / Books
March 21, 2015 / Music
January 17, 2015 / Music
January 7, 2015 / Books

Now that the new year is here, we’re switching to our winter hours. Starting this weekend, our store hours will be as follows: Sundays: Closed Mondays: Closed Tuesdays: 10 am…

December 29, 2014 / Books
December 24, 2014 / Books
December 12, 2014 / Turntables

You can now view our entire turntable and phono gear catalog by clicking the above link or here: We sell turntables and phono gear from Rega, Pro-Ject, Music Hall…

November 26, 2014 / Books
October 15, 2014 / Music
August 30, 2014 / Music
June 26, 2014 / Books
May 24, 2014 / Books

We now have the Rock-Ola 496 (1988) jukebox setup up and loaded with 45s at the shop. Since it is an 80s vintage we decided to put mostly 80s music…

May 15, 2014 / Music
April 17, 2014 / Turntables
April 8, 2014 / Books
January 10, 2014 / Books

Good day fine people, Starting this weekend we will be going to our winter hours at Backbeat Books and Music. We will still be open 5 days a week Tuesday…

January 7, 2014 / Books

We have good news…to make up for the store closure because of insane weather yesterday, we are now open again and we’re extending our sale by another day. So, from…

January 6, 2014 / Books

Just a note to let you know that due to the treacherous weather conditions out there, Backbeat will be closed today. If you can, stay in, stay safe and stay…

January 3, 2014 / Books
December 24, 2013 / Books

Thank you to all our great customers for such a wonderful December at Backbeat Books and Music. All the best from our family to yours. We will be closed for…

December 19, 2013 / Books

…extended Christmas shopping hours! Now you can be on the warm, cozy side of the window, rather than out on the sidewalk with your nose pressed up against it. Just…

December 15, 2013 / Books

Just a little note to let you know that Backbeat is open today from 12-5 pm. The roads are pretty messy at the moment, so please drive extra carefully if…

December 13, 2013 / Books
December 13, 2013 / Books

We’re extending our hours starting next Thursday to help you fit everything into your busy holiday schedule. (We’re kind of like elves that way, but without the fancy hats). Come…

December 1, 2013 / Books

Don’t miss out on our biggest sale of the year…you’ll regret it for sure if you do. Save on CDs, vinyl, books and come in for the absolute best deals…