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October 27, 2017 / Music
October 24, 2017 / Books

Ever been left without the perfect comeback? Open any sequence of pages within The Ultimate Wisecrack Generator and you’ll have the best random response ever. In fact, you’ll have over 60…

October 21, 2017 / Books

Who doesn’t love free stuff? While supplies last, when you buy any colouring book at Backbeat, you’ll receive a free Neil Gaiman Coloring Book! What makes this sweet deal even…

October 19, 2017 / Books
October 13, 2017 / Books

What’s the cure for a grey-ish day? A rainbow of books! This Pop Classics series just came in today and they’ll not only brighten up your day, they’ll also add…

October 10, 2017 / Books

Listen up, button lovers: we’ve got over 700 new buttons in stock! Cover your backpack, your hat, your jacket, cover your friends…cover all sorts of things with our fun, edgy…

October 7, 2017 / Books

Backbeat is open today till 5 pm and Sunday from noon till 5 pm. We’ll be closed on Monday, October 9th. Enjoy the long weekend!

October 5, 2017 / Books
October 1, 2017 / Books

Why should you order new books from Backbeat? We always offer a 20% discount off the retail price of new books that we don’t currently have in stock, including pre-orders.…

September 30, 2017 / Music
September 25, 2017 / Books

We spent the day today taking down some of the titles that have been hanging around here for a while and putting some more great books on the shelves. We’ve…

September 22, 2017 / Music
September 21, 2017 / Books

Check out these amazing books from our used book section – they’re all on sale right now at 30% off! Backbeat’s the place to be for the readers who want…

September 18, 2017 / Books

You’ll want to visit Backbeat Books and Music in Perth, Ontario this week because… It’s the “We’ve Never Had a Sale in September So We’re Having a Sale in September…

September 15, 2017 / Music
September 13, 2017 / Books

No matter what kind of music you’re into, we have books about it here for you! Pictured are just some of the most recent music-related books we’ve brought in. We…

September 8, 2017 / Music
September 7, 2017 / Music

Here’s the latest “flippin” video of used/vintage vinyl that we just put out this week. Follow us on Facebook if you want to see these videos first.      

August 25, 2017 / Music