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-SOLD- Dual 1009 Turntable


4-Speed Fully-Automatic Turntable

Price: $174.95

Product Description


Only very few audio components approach the goal of the term high fidelity, conveying the true sound of music. Among this very select group, the Dual 1009 now sets a new standard of quality.

Many years in development, the Dual 1009 incorporates in its design the most advanced knowledge of record reproduction techniques and satisfies even the most stringent technical requirements at the present state of the art.

The Dual 1009 is the first record playing instrument to combine professional standards of reproduction with automatic changer operation – the first to offer automatic operation
at a tracking force of only 1/2 gram. In contrast, ordinary record changers require up to ten times this tracking force in order to function with any degree of reliability.

Thanks to the unique tracking ability of its tonearm, the Dual 1009 is the first automatic record player able to accommodate cartridges of even the highest compliance.

No compromise whatever need be made for the convenience of automatic operation – no compromise either in fidelity of performance or in record wear.


Drive: four-pole, single-phase, induction motor

Turntable speeds: 78, 45, 33 1/3 and 16 2/3 rpm

Platter: 4lb, non-magnetic

Wow and flutter: less than 0.12%

Rumble: less than 38dB below signal level

Signal to noise ratio: less than 56dB below signal level

Tonearm: balanced on all three axes, extremely low mass, and precision, friction-free suspension

Pick-up cartridge: tonearm will accept all cartridges with 1/2″ mounting and weighing from 1-12g

Dual 1009-1

Dual 1009-2