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-SOLD- Dual 1225 Turntable


Automatic Idler Drive Turntable

Price: $149.95

Product Description


Drive: Four-pole asynchronous motor

Platter: 1.45kg 270mm diameter

Speeds: 33.3 and 45rpm

Pitch control: one semitone (6%) at both platter speeds

Wow and flutter: +-0.15%

Signal to noise ratio: 56dB weighted rumble

Tonearm: torsional rigid tubular aluminium arm with vertical pivot mounting, horizontal self-adjusting pivot mounting

Pickup head: removable, suitable for all 1/2″ mount cartridges 2-10g

Stylus pressure: continuously variable from 0-8g

Weight: 4.0kg

Cartridge: Shure M75 Type D

Dual 1225-1
Dual 1225-2