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Lenco LBT-120


Turntable with direct encoding and Bluetooth transmission

Price: $249.95

Product Description


The Lenco LBT-120BK Turntable is a semi-automatic record player with Bluetooth functionality. You can connect the record player to your Bluetooth speaker in seconds and enjoy a full and warm sound from the comfort of your couch. Retrieve your old records from the attic and play them on this modern turntable. Enjoy the crystal-clear sound of your vinyl, both old and new. Switch from 33 to 45 revolutions to play your LP or single at the right speed.

And what if you want to enjoy your favourite records while cycling or in the train? The Lenco LBT-120BK digitises all your favourite records via the built-in USB port. You can transfer the recordings to a USB stick in next to no time and carry them with you in your pocket.

Lenco is fully aware that you want to treat your vinyl records as gently as possible, so the Lenco LBT-120BK turntable is semi-automatic. When the final track ends, the stylus automatically lifts off the record and the tone arm returns to its support. This prevents scratching so that you can enjoy your beloved records for longer. The Lenco LBT-120BK is supplied with a dust cover that keeps your Lenco fresh and clean during brief periods when you are not using your turntable.

• Bluetooth transmission (2.1+EDR)
• Direct MP3 encoding, from vinyl to USB stick
• Integrated stereo pre-amplifier
• 2 rated speed settings 33 RPM and 45 RPM
• Moving Magnetic Cartridge (MMC)
• Mechanical arm lift
• Belt drive
• Semi-automatic
• Auto return
• Track splitting
• Removable plastic dust cover
• Connections: RCA + USB port


Lenco LBT-120BK Turntable With Bluetooth – $249.95

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