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Right Round Record Care Kit


Price: $29.95

Product Description

The Right Round Record Care Kit has everything you need to keep your record collection and stylus in top condition.

The kit includes:
A carbon-fibre anti static record cleaning brush. Conductive fibres eliminate static and fine dust particles.

Stylus cleaning fluid with integrated brush. Specially formulated stylus cleaning fluid with a built-in applicator brush. Safely cleans stylus without leaving residue.

Anti static record cleaning fluid and dedicated cleaning cloth. All designed to ensure the playing surface is clean and deliver optimum sound quality.

1x Antistatic Carbon Fiber Record Brush
1x Antistatic Stylus Cleaner (Cleaning Fluid 20ml + Cleaning Brush)
1x Antistatic Record Cleaning Fluid 20ml
1x Antistatic Record Cleaning Cloth 21 x 28cm




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