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Stylus Force Gauge


Price: $39.95

Product Description

Simple to use and accurate – that’s the hallmark of a great stylus force gauge. That’s what this stylus force gauge is, with accuracy within .01 gram. Correct tracking force is absolutely essential for optimal record playback.


  • Capacity: 5 grams
  • Readability: 0.01 gram
  • Calibration: Auto calibration using 5 gram weight
  • Auto off: 120-second off
  • Display: 4 digits, backlit LCD
  • Power: 2 × 1.5V button cell AG12
  • Dimensions: 96mm × 43mm × 20mm
  • Accessories: Storage case, 2 × AG12 button cells, calibration weight

Digital Stylus Pressure Gauge

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