The Dwells – Now available at Backbeat Books and Music

Driving along Highway 7 heading from a Toronto show the night before on the way to Ottawa for another gig before heading back to their home base of Boston, The Dwells decided to turn off into Perth. They stopped by Backbeat to check out the vinyl selection and ended up leaving us a copy of their latest LP “Don’t Ever Leave Me Like You Do”. On the first listen I fell in love with it, so I got in touch with them and now we have their latest album available on Vinyl or CD, and their first album on CD. Please take the time to have a listen to their latest album below, and a be sure to watch the video for “Stuck in the Gray (Seattle)” from their first album “Fortieth Floor”, it is simply riveting. I hope you will become fans of The Dwells.

From The Dwells Website:
“The Dwells were born on the Fourth of July—Paige Califano and Matthew Bean were enjoying the night on a hot, crowded Boston rooftop, but soon found themselves one floor below with some old notebooks and a guitar. Their voices blended minutes into hours and as morning glazed the window, they both left hearing music come to life like they had never heard before. As they dove into new ideas, they slowly crafted their sound and what emerged was a neo-Americana, cosmic folk duo that gave a nod to earlier genre-benders like Gram Parsons and Elliott Smith.”

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