Congratulations, Alice Munro!


As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Alice Munro is the first Canadian woman to have been awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Literature!

If you’ve been to our shop before, you’ll know that we have entire sections dedicated to Canadian fiction and non-fiction writers. There truly is some amazing literary talent in our country and we are proud to showcase their works. Please visit the secondhand Canadian Fiction section of our shop (the red bookcases at the back) if you would like to read – or re-read – some of Ms. Munro’s books.

Currently in stock are:

– “Dance of the Happy Shades”
– “Runaway”
– “The View from Castle Rock”
– “Friend of My Youth”
– “Who Do You Think You Are?”
– “The Progress of Love”
– “Too Much Happiness”
– “The Moons of Jupiter”

Congratulations, Alice Munro, on this amazing historical achievement!

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