Vinyl Friday – including another “one off vinyl”

Good day fine people. Wow, 2 new vinyl deliveries in one week, let’s hope this keeps up! We did receive a few new releases that will be out Tuesday so you’ll have to check back then to see what we got, but there are 2 there that I’ve been really looking forward to. Don’t forget you can pre-order featured February new vinyl releases right here: February 2014 Pre-Order. I will be removing the upcoming Tuesday releases from the form shortly and the March pre-order form should be up by the end of next week.

On with the vinyl.


Horrors/Suicide – Split – 10″ – “one off vinyl”
This limited edition 10″ vinyl EPs celebrating Alan Vega’s 70th birthday. The UK band du jour The Horrors present their version of “Shadazz,” specially recorded for this series, and delivered with a twisted dub menace that could point towards an expanding sound-world for these dark princes! Previously unreleased anywhere, the flipside begins with Suicide’s 1980s NYC live version of “Radiation,” and Nik Void (a new persona for Kaito’s Nikki Colk) does a propulsive, ‘tronic floor-filler for cool alt/art discos everywhere. Edition of 3,000, cover image by Alex Rose.

James Blake – Overgrown – LP / CD

The second full-length album from the British singer, songwriter and producer. Musically broad and emotionally deep, Overgrown as big as an advance on James’s eponymous 2011 debut. The growth is similar to the evolution that album evinced from the mercurial Dubstep of his early EPs. It also reflects how much the 24-year-old Londoner’s life has changed in the past two years. His debut sold over 400,000 copies – quite a feat for a record so uncompromisingly introspective and experimental. It also picked up Mercury, BRIT and Ivor Novello nominations, sent him around the world on tour, and brought him into contact with a wide array of fans and collaborators that includes not only Mitchell but Jay-Z, Kanye West, Bon Iver, Bjork, Drake, Brian Eno, and The RZA.
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Lana Del Rey – Born to Die – LP
With a sultry, affecting voice, New York-born singer Lana Del Rey took the music world by storm at the end of 2011 with “Blue Jeans” and “Video Games.” Born to Die became arguably the most anticipated album of 2012 as a result, demonstrating in long-player form just what Lana Del Rey was capable of. Single “Born to Die” is a typical example of her dramatic brand of pop music., Rovi

Toy – Join the Dots – LP / CD
“At its least interesting, Join the Dots contributes another couple of additions to the teetering pile of My Bloody Valentine-inspired alt-rock tracks, guitars strummed while holding the tremolo arm and all. But elsewhere, Toy reconcile the extremes of their sound in a way that’s really exciting. The closer Fall Out of Love keeps shifting its shape, from wafting melody to pounding drums to a relentless, Hawkwind-like finale. Best of all is the title track, which starts out dazed and somnambulant, but thrillingly attains feedback-drenched vertical takeoff after three and half minutes. These are the moments when Join the Dots actually sounds like the laser- and smoke-filled environment in which it was recorded.” – The Guardian
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Nirvana – Unplugged Live in New York – LP

Don’t need to say too much about this one. It’s been out of stock for months and we finally got a couple copies in. These are the remastered import version. I could put this in the “get it while we got it category” as it is quite limited in availability.