New releases, re-issues and one offs.

A little bit of everything today, plus later we’ll have a post on some recent arrivals in our vintage vinyl. Plus, I’m stocking up the 20% off bin with some new vinyl today.

-=New Releases=-
Papir – Papir IIII – LP
Papir from Copenhagen, Denmark have gradually developed their unique vision of instrumental psychedelic rock over the course of three albums. On IIII, their fourth, they have created their most condensed and realized work to date. The amazing thing about Papir is how they transform heavy, psychedelic music into something new and relevant, something truly unique. Sure, Papir knows their kraut- and progrock history, but unlike the majority of bands in the present day psych-rock scene they venture far beyond mere pastiche. It sounds inspired. Not only is it heavier than previous efforts, it seems more lush and atmospheric as well. IIII is the sound of a band fullfilling its potential. Onwards and upwards. The album was recorded in two different sessions, one in Copenhagen and another out in the Danish countryside with Causa Sui’s Jonas Munk, who also mixed and mastered the album, giving the album an organic but powerful sound with the full dynamic range intact.
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Keel Her – Keel Her – LP+CD
Known for her prolific songwriting and soundcloud posting Rose Keeler-Schffelers debut album features eighteen powerfully but economically packed tracks, cherry picked from her vast repertoire. Keel Hers songs are intimate vignettes drawn from Roses own experiences delivered in a chatty, honest and delightfully conversational manner. Guitars and synths vie for melodic prominence over vast swathes of fuzz and feedback, where Roses indecipherable vocals swim amongst buzzing melodies, swampy reverb and broken beats. Although much of her sound and aesthetic harks back to 90s slacker culture, the variety of styles she has absorbed makes it harder to specifically pinpoint her sound. Veering sonically from Beat Happening to Ariel Pink, Wavves to Bikini Kill, Real Estate to Guided By Voices and all the way back again.
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Lo-Fang – Blue Film – LP / CD
This is the debut album by LA-based producer Lo-Fang (nee Matthew Hemerlein). A Baltimore native and classically trained in violin, cello, bass, piano and guitar, Hemerlein’s soulful falsetto floats above a rich blend of classical, R&B and electronic music, telling stories of love, loss, and deceit. The album was written and recorded during Hemerlein’s world travels; everywhere from a farmhouse in Maryland, a hotel in Cambodia, to studios in London and Nashville. He completed the project at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles with GRAMMY Award winning producer Francois Tetaz. Earning UK raves, NME calls his music “timeless and bang up to date”. The Clash praises his “bold, striking songwriting [and] sharp emotional focus”.

Gorillas –  Message To the World – LP
The Gorillas livened up the mid-70s rock scene like few others. They were the missing link between Hendrix, glam and punk. FULL SLEEVENOTES, PHOTOS AND REMASTERED – FIRST TIME ON VINYL SINCE 1978! This new version features 3 bonus tracks not featured on the original 1978 Raw Records release “I’m Seventeen”, “My Son’s Alive and “It’s My Life”.


-=One offs – Get them while we have them, we won’t be getting them again!=-
Daft Punk – Homework
Subhumans – Worlds Apart
Gentleman Reg – Jet Black
Love and Rockets – So Alive
– 7″