What’s your taste?

Here we have a small sampling of new books. A taster’s plate, if you like. We do have many more books currently on special order, though, so keep your eye on this space and we’ll post more up as soon as they arrive.

We like to keep our selections current but cool – just like our customers. While we like to order in the latest offerings and best-sellers, we like to think we can offer up some unique books as well to help keep things interesting and to tempt your literary palette. We also have a personal commitment to showcasing Canadian authors, so we definitely have a healthy helping of Canadian books as well.

And remember – if you don’t see the book you had in mind, just let us know and we’ll special order it in for you. We offer a standard discount of 20% off the retail price if we don’t already have your book in stock!

On today’s menu:

– “S.” by Doug Dorst & J.J. Abrams
– “Hyperbole and a Half” by Allie Brosh
– “The Guts” by Roddy Doyle
– “The Bear” by Claire Cameron

Bon appetit!

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