Manga! Manga! Manga!


Just came back from a buying trip and look what we’ve brought in…manga galore! Every single one of these secondhand books are in amazing like-new condition and are priced well below the cost of buying brand-new.

As a small business, we rely so much on word of mouth, Facebook likes and shares and website visits, so if you or someone you know is into graphic novels (or other books, vinyl or CDs, of course!), come on in and check them out…and please remember to spread the love!

Here’s a rundown of the series pictured:

– Peacemaker (1-5)
– Peacemaker Kurogane (1-3)
– Full Metal Panic! Overload! (1-3)
– Sakura Taisen (1 & 2)
– Warcraft Dragon Hunt #1
– Trigun (1 & 2)
– Trigun Maximum (1-13)
– Blade of Heaven (1 – 3)
– Samurai Deeper Kyo (1-34)