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New Vinyl Oct 11

Some pretty great albums we are featuring today. Finally got these last few Beatles Mono re-issues in stock: Please Please Me, With The Beatles and Beatles For Sale. The latest Bowie 7″ Pic Disc is here, along with Caribou’s and Flower’s most recent albums, East River Pipe re-issue plus more that you can check out the details on below.

Back in stock are Tweedy, Aphex Twins, Beastie Boys, Neutral Milk Hotel and Violent Femmes.


Caribou – Our Love

Our Love is formed around a mixture of digital pop production, hip hop-inspired beats, muted house basslines, and a love of shuffling garage that can be traced all the way back to the time of Start Breaking My Heart – all of which, of course, are filtered through Dan’s own unique perspective. The warm analog sounds of classic soul should not be overlooked either, for they weave themselves most intensely into the record’s DNA. In fact, Our Love is probably Caribou’s most soulful record to date, chock-full of heartfelt lyrics and organic nature that cut through bubbling synths and the blissful euphoria of their synthetic constructions. It’s not all downbeat of course; whilst some thoughts linger on mortality, loss, and letting go, there is always an element of celebration. Having followed up his Polaris Prize-winning 2007 record Andorra with the universally adored Swim in 2010 (selling nearly 175,000 copies worldwide and being named Album of the Year by Rough Trade, Mixmag, and Resident Advisor whilst also hitting The Guardian, Pitchfork, Spin and Mojo’s Top 20), Dan has spent the intervening four years touring the world, bringing not only the sounds of Caribou to the stage but proving his immeasurable worth as a DJ, with epic 7½-hour-long sets. In 2012, Caribou were personally invited to join Radiohead on the road whilst Dan released his first album under the guise of his dancefloor-loving pseudonym Daphni to widespread critical acclaim. Following the shape-shifting sounds of JIAOLONG and the brightly textured, fluid constructions of Swim – both inward looking records in their own way – Dan withdrew to the basement once more to work on Caribou’s next opus. Only he didn’t: Our Love isn’t the sound of isolated creation but the sound of Dan at his most connected – with love for his listeners, his collaborators, and those closest to him. Caribou will be On Tour in Canada this November.
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East River Pipe – The Gasoline Age

First time on vinyl! BONUS: 9 previously unreleased tracks from various years on download coupon. Merge celebrates our long relationship with East River Pipe by releasing their critically acclaimed fourth album The Gasoline Age on vinyl. Saluted by ROLLING STONE as “the most gifted of the new loners,” F.M. Cornog, aka East River Pipe, originally released The Gasoline Age in 1999. Named Album of the Year by both THE NEW YORK TIMES and England’s THE INDEPENDENT, The Gasoline Age was inspired in large part by nighttime drives on New Jersey’s seedy Route 22. Automobile imagery appears throughout the album: cybercars, stolen cars, pimpmobiles. The cars all seem to carry with them a romanticism that emphasizes even further Cornog’s gift of creating a lyrical mood without tying his flights of fancy down to specifics. The Gasoline Age explores the suburban landscape and turnpike stretches outside Cornog’s door and calmly runs down bleak facts over the gentle pulse and chorused strums Cornog has been perfecting since his early singles. Some of the songs are built on merely six concise lines of clear-eyed warning, though sometimes (‘Hell Is an Open Door’) he sounds like he might actually be looking forward to the darkness on the horizon. On other tracks, like the ironically titled ‘Party Drive’, it sounds as though Cornog is barely going to make it to the curb. But for the character in the song, going on that drive is the only thing that makes it seem like “we’re gonna be OK.” The disconnect between the unsettling dead ends Cornog sings about and the peaceful swells of the keyboards and the glimmering guitars is what brings emotional weight to the entire album. One doesn’t get the sense that a whole lot has changed in the last 15 years for the characters inhabiting this world. Merge came to know East River Pipe through his string of memorable and mysterious singles on Hell Gate and Sarah Records. Merge co-founder Mac McCaughan writes, “We had friends who were early fans of those records, including Jim Wilbur of Superchunk, and it seemed that no one took East River Pipe fandom lightly.. once you were in on the secret, you were all in. After Ajax Records compiled the sparkling early sides, we started working with Fred and his wife and partner Barbara Powers and have been looking forward to the next batch of periodic broadcasts from his bedroom studio ever since.”
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Flowers – Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do

London based trio Flowers ends their live shows with singer Rachel Kenedy utterly still, accompanying herself on a one string bass guitar, soul laid bare. It is a stark and quiet moment in comparison to what came before, which can be characterized by Sam Ayres blur of kinetic energy on guitar and Jordan Hockley’s urgent and precision drumming all performed with a sense of minimalism and brevity. It is this minimalist approach that best characterizes the fourteen deceptively simple pop songs that comprise Flowers debut, Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do out September 9th via Kanine (US). Produced by Bernard Butler, Flowers’ genius is in their ability to convey a remarkable amount of emotion with minimal instrumentation. Rachel possesses one of those beautiful pop voices to die for, with echoes of Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star) and Harriet Wheeler (The Sundays). Haunting, mesmerizing and intense, Do What You Want To, It’s What You Should Do is an impressive calling cared from a sensational new band.
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Nirvana – Complete BBC Sessions
Don’t know much about this one, but it’s a bootleg on blue vinyl, w/ bonus blue vinyl 7″ single and I can’t re-order it so if you want it come and get it now. All tracks were recorded between 1989 through November 1991.
Track listing:
Side A – Love Buzz / About a Girl / Polly / Spank Thru / Son of a Gun /  Molly’s Lips / D7

Side B – Turnaround / Dumb / Drain You / Endless Nameless / Been a Son

7″ Side A – Aneurysm

7″ Side B – (NewWave) Polly /  Something in the Way



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