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Local Author - Oct 2014

Local author, Randy Ferrier, dropped by the shop the other day and left us with some copies of his first book, which is about aging and the many decisions surrounding itHe’s dedicated the book, called The Crow Flies South for the Winter, to his father who he hopes finds amusement and inspiration in coping with his own aging process.

From the book jacket:

Like weed shoots overtaking the plants in a garden, the years gradually pass us by. Before we know it, the best years of our lives are behind us. Most of us wish to grow old; however, few of us relish the thought of losing our youth in the process and helplessly watching as our bodies wear out and break down, for to age is to die. If only it were possible to live forever in the bodies of our youth. There is little pleasure to be found lingering in life without the ability to enjoy it.

This story is about an old man who finds himself with just such a dilemma on his hands. He has reached the point in his life where he questions whether or not it is worthwhile to continue. The love of his life now taken from him, he is left behind to cope with the frailty of health wearing him down and a family bent on sending him away from the only home he has known for the past seventy one years. Life altering decisions need to be made, decisions that may surprise you, decisions that plunge this old crow headfirst into a simmering Southern hotbed of mystery and intrigue.

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