Saint Nick & Vinyl, the gift that keeps on spinning

It has been a little while since we’ve posted anything vinyl related. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been vinyl coming in. I’ve still been cleaning and getting out a steady stream of vintage vinyl (just put some out this morning) and finally some news worthy new vinyl has come in other than the late arrival Black Friday exclusive releases that still seem to be showing up. We’ve got some last minute ideas for you too if scroll way down, and there’s some Christmas vinyl to be had too. Let’s get on with it!



– The many times delayed Nick Cave reissues have now arrived.


– To be filed under “I might have to open this one” is the reissue of Eels “Beautiful Freak”. You regulars probably know that Eels a favourite of ours here at Backbeat, heck even “the boss” is partly named after Mark Everett.

– That’s a sweet looking Joy Division bootleg, Septemer 8th, 1979 at the Futurama Festival in Leeds, UK. Only 349 available worldwide, we have 2 copies.

– Public Enemy’s “Fear of a Black Planet” is back on vinyl and they’ve gone for a lenticular cover again A photo does not do it justice, this has to be seen. Fun Fact: Whenever I see or hear Public Enemy I always think of the movie House Party.



We do have some vintage Christmas vinyl in stock and some cool new Christmas vinyl right now. Unfortunately by the time I took the photo and started writing this, we sold out of Charlie Brown until next year.



Still stumped trying to figure out what to get that crazed vinyl lover of yours? Here are my top picks, but we are limited to stock on hand at this point.

  • RockArt Album Frame – $19.95
  • Mobile Fidelty Original Master Sleeves – $20.95 for a 50pk
  • Pro-Ject Cork It – Cork record mat for your turntable. – $24.95
  • Spin-Clean MKII record washing system – this is a best seller every Christmas – $89.95Last Minute Vinyl Ideas

    That’s it for now! Stay cool.