Lots of recent vinyl arrivals and turntable amnesty starts now

Hey good people, I’m going to be a little chatty today, we’ve got lots to mention on the music side of Backbeat. There’s used vinyl, new vinyl and turntable news, so let’s get started.

Used Vinyl
Loads of used vinyl has been going out lately. Check out these pictures for a sample of what you might find. More King Crimson in there as well as Roy Harper, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Lou Reed, Van der Graaf Generator and way more than what is pictured.

used vinyl Jan 17 (2) used vinyl Jan 17 (1) used vinyl Jan 8-2 used vinyl Jan 2015

New Vinyl
We have also been getting a bunch of new vinyl restocks back in after the holidays wiped us out of lots of inventory. Back in stock are Bauhaus, Fugazi, Mazzy Star, White Stripes, Boards of Canada, Adele, Aphex Twin, Beatles Mono reissues, Zeppelin reissues, Radiohead, Smiths and on and on and on. We still have some amazing new vinyl at 20% off and a few specially priced records are left they are upto 50% off. Plus, the new releases will start trickling in soon. So far it looks like most of you are looking forward to the Belle and Sebastian release.

We now have back in stock the Music Hall USB-1 turntable. It is a great entry level turntable that is simple to setup, includes an integrated pre-amp and USB function plus has fantastic sound, no wonder it’s our best seller. Check out more information here: Music Hall USB-1

Since we are on the topic of turntables, we are now having a “turntable amnesty”. Bring in our old turntable (it doesn’t even have to be working) and we will give you $50 off any new turntable from Music Hall, Pro-Ject or Rega. Your turntable must at a minimum have a plinth, platter and tonearm. It’s a great time to upgrade and enjoy some warm sounding vinyl during the cold winter.

Turntable Amnesty


That’s all folks!