New vinyl releases and restocks.

Hey there folks. Some great new releases hitting the shop this week, including an amazing album from Viet Cong. It’s been out for a few weeks but has been so well received it has been a tough album to get our hands on, but we have finally got a couple in stock. More details on this and all the hard hitting new stuff below. First, just a quick list of the restocks of popular vinyl we just received and a few new items added to the rotation. I must say, you good people have some fine taste in music.

Brant Bjork – Black Flower Power
Black Keys – Turn Blue
Black Keys – Big Come Up
Death From Above 1979 – Physical World
Iron and Wine – Shepherds Dog
Mazzy Star – Seasons of Your Day
Rodriguez – Cold Fact
White Stripes – Icky Thump
Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
Pixies – Wave Of Mutilation: Best Of Pixies
Arcade Fire – Funeral
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Sublime – Sublime
Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas

Restocks 211

On to the new releases. So far so good for 2015, I think it’s going to be a crazy good year for new music. As always there are sample tracks to check out on these fine releases. Tough choice this week, I know most people are going towards the Father John Misty album, but my personal favourite is the Boduf Songs release. Also, you cant go wrong with some Tess Parks on vinyl even if it’s only a single, just hope her album from 2013 gets the vinyl treatment at some point.


New Releases 211

Viet Cong – Viet Cong

Viet Cong‘s highly anticipated self-titled debut album is out now on Jagjaguwar (and Flemish Eye in Canada) and is receiving critical acclaim across the board for it’s depth, power, and sheer inventiveness. “At no point does Viet Cong ease up on the pressure; this is its mourning period, as the massive production culminates in a furious bonfire of rage and release that’s stunning in its scope. The year is too early to call, but if more records match Viet Cong’s restless moods, there may not be much left of us come December.” – NPR Music’s “First Listen”

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Disappears – Irreal

Irreal, the fifth long player from Chicago’s Disappears, is another trip down the rabbit hole. The album plays out as a dream sequence – hazed dub landscapes give way to the group’s most experimental and open music yet. If their last album Era confirmed the fact that Disappears are on their own trip, then Irreal is where it kicks in. Eternalism, roboethics, identity – it’s a Ballardian mix of imperfect melodies, half thoughts and good ol’ dystopian modernity. It’s a master class in texture, pace and control. Produced by John Congleton at famed Chicago recording institution Electrical Audio, Irreal sits in the negative space where art rock and post punk collapse onto each other. It’s the sound of Disappears reporting back from The Void.

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Boduf Songs – Stench Of Exist

England / Ohio’s Mat Sweet presents his latest album under the Boduf Songs moniker via The Flenser! Stench of Exist is at once his most accessible and most esoteric work to date; from the opium flow of the tracks, running headily into one another like tributaries to river, to the muted-industrial-electroniceffected drums underscoring the spiralling melodies and fluttering drones, to the clean and rich guitar, abstracted cycles and feedback walls, its whispered doom metal masquerades as a lullaby. Stench of Exist unfolds languorously, laced with mysterious electronic filigree. Gorgeously intimate, it transforms the minimal into maximal with layers of electro-detritus wreathed in lush guitar strums, street-side field recordings, reverberating pianos and softly crooned vocals. It is a record of rain and cities and nighttime. The collision of arabesque tonalities with electronic sound and ambiance brings to mind the promise of Blade Runner – half-asleep at 4:00 A.M. and slightly medicated, with pyramids and flame-spewing cityscapes in downpour glowing against the fluttering eyelids in the almost-dreaming consciousness. A record for saturnine commuters, on headphones, after sunset.

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My Bloody Valentine – Eps ’88 to ’91

Bootleg compilation of the ‘You Made Me Realise’, ‘Feed Me With Your Kiss’, ‘Glider’, and ‘Tremolo’ ep’s


Father John Misty – I Love You Honeybear

Father John Misty aka Josh Tillman, says of the album, “I Love You, Honeybear” was recorded all through 2013 to 2014 in Los Angeles with producer Jonathan Wilson, who I also recorded and produced 2012’s Fear Fun with. There’s a case to be made that it sounds and acts a bit like solo-era John Lennon, Scott Walker, Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson, and Dory Previn, while taking more than a few cues from Woody Allen, Kurt Vonnegut, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Muhammad Ali.

“I Love You, Honeybear” is a concept album about a guy named Josh Tillman who spends quite a bit of time banging his head against walls, cultivating weak ties with strangers and generally avoiding intimacy at all costs. This all serves to fuel a version of himself that his self-loathing narcissism can deal with. We see him engaging in all manner of regrettable behaviour.

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Tess Parks – Somedays/Let’s Sing This Song – 7”

“Tess is a true believer in the church of rock’n’roll. She has great taste and is really sharp!” – Alan McGee Debut release on Alan McGee’s 359 Music imprint Limited to 359 copies worldwide. Features the exclusive B-Side – ‘Let’s Sing This Song’ Canadian Tess, still only 23, describes her work as “lo-fi alternative drones with a hypnotic vibe”. Her sound is undoubtedly informed by her key influences, Elliott Smith, Dylan, Nirvana, Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine “She’s already an amazing songwriter she just doesn’t quite know she is yet,” suggests McGee. “Her most beautiful quality is her lack of ego.” This single follows the popular self-released EP ‘Work All Day/Up All Night’.

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That’s it for now, but way more stuff to talk about soon, like used vinyl and amazing gear to listen to it on!