New vinyl display frame, a huge load of recent vintage and RSD2015

Hey there good people.

Check out this new record frame called “Records On Walls” we are now carrying. We just received them today and it literally took me 2 minutes to hang one up, you can change records quickly and it fits double LPs and gatefolds. It looks really sweet, it’s designed and made in Canada and we’ve got them for only $9.95. Check out some of these pics they provided.

inserting_record_into_frame three_record_frames_angle


Are you ready for Record Store Day on April 18th? Things are really coming together, as you hopefully saw already, we are having a prize draw this year for some awesome stuff. You could win a Pro-Ject Elemental turntable, a beautiful locally crafted record crate from Flook D. Doo or a Backbeat gift card. You just need to show up here on April 18th to fill in a ballot, full details here: Record Store Day Contest.

record store day contest 418


If you want to know what we have on order and estimated prices for Record Store Day 2015 you can check here: Record Store Day 2015 List

Of course we will be having a sale, we will announce the details on that towards the end of next week.


We just put out a huge amount of used vinyl, again some amazing stuff and more than a few rarities and odditites. Loads of Otis Redding in there, and man oh man, that Mainline Bump and Grind gatefold cover is something to see. As usual, as soon as I’m done cleaning and getting one lot out, I’m back at it, so there will be more to mention soon.

Recent Vintage 4-2-15 (3) Recent Vintage 4-2-15 (2) Recent Vintage 4-2-15 (1)


We should also mention our holiday hours for this weekend.

Friday April 3rd – CLOSED
Saturday April 4th – 10am-5pm
Sunday April 5th – CLOSED
Monday April 6th – CLOSED

Have a fun weekend!



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