New vinyl releases, MoFi, and White Stripes 7″

Hello good people. A nice load of new vinyl to dig into today so we are getting right at it, no time for chit chat.



Finally got in the latest White Stripes 7″. Housed in ”soft touch aqueous coating” sleeves (yes, really), these are the best feeling 7”s that are missing from your collection and they feel like a cross between rubber and lambskin. It’s nice.

White Stripe 45s

Seven Nation Army
One of four black vinyl pressings of The White Stripes’ biggest Elephant-era hits, audio remastered and artwork tidied up. This single also features the non-album b-side ”Good to Me,” a cover by Brendan Benson and Jason Falkner.

I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself
One of four black vinyl pressings of The White Stripes’ biggest Elephant-era hits, audio remastered and artwork tidied up. This single features the b-side ”Who’s To Say,” a cover by Blanche, one of Detroit’s most pre-eminent artists in 2003.

The Hardest Button To Button
One of four black vinyl pressings of The White Stripes’ biggest Elephant-era hits, audio remastered and artwork tidied up. This single features the b-side ”St. Ides of March,” a cover by The Soledad Brothers, one of Detroit’s most pre-eminent artists in 2003.

White Stripes There Is No Home For You Here
One of four black vinyl pressings of The White Stripes’ biggest Elephant-era hits, audio remastered and artwork tidied up. This single features the b-side White Stripes live medley of ”I Fought Piranhas / Let’s Build a Home” recorded at the legendary Electric Lady Studios in New York.


Some decent releases came in this week, a couple we’ve been waiting months to get our hands on the vinyl, and another we’ve been waiting over 30 years for it to get released, really. I am so amazed at the “I Speak Machine” release, creepy and gorgeous.

New Release Apr 10

Jah Life – Jah Life in Dub – Reggae/Dub
The infamous and legendary “Jah Life in Dub” LP, finally released. Originally slated for release in late ’80/early ’81, this was to be Jah Life’s first dub LP, featuring all exclusive mixes to now-classic Barrington Levy tunes. For one reason or another, the LP was never released. To confuse matters, a couple years later, some of the unused jackets were given to Germain to house an untitled dub LP of his productions. Naturally, we needed to rectify this situation. So here it is, finally released 34 years later! Featuring ten killer dubs to Barrington Levy tunes, ALL MIXED BY SCIENTIST AT KING TUBBY’S. Six out of the ten tracks are previously unreleased mixes, including a dub to the song “Jah Life” which has never been available anywhere before. As an added bonus, the first pressing of this LP will come housed in the original jackets from 1980, which features killer artwork by Oneil Nanco.


I Speak Machine  – The Silence  – Electronica

Limited to 500 copies on vinyl worldwide + download card. For analogue synth enthusiasts and fans of John Carpenter scores. Tara Bush has previously collaborated with John Foxx, Clint Mansell, and Bat For Lashes. I Speak Machine is Tara Busch. ‘The Silence’ is the score to underground indie science fiction and home made horror films, made from layers of eerie retro synth and spectral vocals. Early supporters of I Speak Machine include new wave pioneer John Foxx (Ultravox) and soundtrack composer Clint Mansell (Requiem For A Dream, The Wrestler, Black Swan). “When I first heard her sing it shut me right up – couldn’t function. She has a real voice – somewhere between Karen Carpenter and Snow White..” – John Foxx


King Khan & BBQ Show – Bad News Boys – Alternative

After a five-year hiatus, rock ’n’ roll’s renegade-angel savior The King Khan & BBQ Show returns with a brand new album of high-energy, low-brow rockers! Known as the hottest duo from Montreal to come out of Berlin, the King Khan & BBQ Show is dirty, funny, irreverent and always a good time. Their raw, stripped-down mix of doo-wop, early rock ’n’ roll, soul and punk is drenched in pure energy. Known to their mothers as King Khan and Mark Sultan, these guys make this stuff sound simple, but make no mistake – it takes serious talent as well as balls to pull this off. Bad News Boys takes its title from the original moniker the duo gave themselves when they first started over ten years ago. They recently threatened to revert to this name before deciding that it might make things too confusing. Bad News Boys serves twelve sizzling slabs – from the beautifully soulful ‘Buy Bye Bhai’ to the juvenile and obnoxious ‘D.F.O.’ (which stands for ‘Diarrhea Fuck Off’) – with all the rocking lunacy that their legion of fans has come to expect. In their storied, sordid career, these guys have endured a roller-coaster of successes, trials and tribulations that would’ve buried lesser men: They’ve played with some of the coolest names in rock. Their relentless touring schedule has included countries where few bands venture. They’ve been kicked off tours. They’ve headlined and sold out some of the most prestigious venues in the world. They’ve played some of the worst dumps imaginable. They’ve been busted and jailed for shrooms mid-tour. They were handpicked by Lou Reed to play the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. They were ejected from the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. They’ve suffered mental and physical exhaustion. They’ve enjoyed dizzying highs and suffered crushing lows. They’ve broken up. They’ve gotten back together. Through it all, they continually make incredible and real rock ’n’ roll music like no one else, always with smiles on their faces, always with middle fingers held high.


Giant Drag – Waking Up Is Hard To Do – Alternative

Cult lo-fi LA alt-rockers GIANT DRAG long awaited sophomore LP. The first new material for seven years from the band, Annie Hardy explains the reasons behind the hiatus in the following heartfelt statement: “This LP has been a total curse on my existence; every time I team up with a record company or person to get this thing out something goes wrong and it just ends up sitting there like it has for 7 years now, so I am putting this thing out myself..” says the singer. Fans of the band’s early work won’t be disappointed, as the heady swimming vocals, fuzzed out rolling bass lines & poetic lyrics evident on ‘We Like The Weather’ and ‘90210’ are an instant reminder that Hardy is still a songwriting talent deserving of attention and, if anything, her experiences have made her stronger and imbued her songs with an undeniable passion and drive. Waking Up Is Hard To Do stomps, grooves and melts to a blissed out climax in all the right places and serves as an honest and timely reminder that sometimes after a fall, great talent just needs time to collect and take stock before it can breathe again.



We’ve started to stock more MoFi (Mobile Fidelity) releases and are waiting for a few of the back ordered ones to show up also. They can cost a little more than the standard re-issues but they are done right. I don’t crack open many new records since I have so much vintage to listen to, but when I do I tend to lean towards the Mobile Fidelity releases, the sound is so damn good. If there is an album you love and MoFi does a version I fully recommend picking up a copy.


“Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab has been the undisputed pioneer and leader in audiophile recordings since the company’s inception in 1977. Established by dedicated audiophiles, Mobile Fidelity’s first and foremost goal was to offer faithfully reproduced high fidelity recordings that would complement the numerous advances occurring in audio delivery systems. Throughout its history, Mobile Fidelity has remained true to this goal, pioneering state-of-the-art technologies and setting audiophile standards that remain in place today.”


Lastly don’t forget to check our website for latest used gear we have available. We’ve recently added a bunch of speakers and receivers and we update it as soon as something sells or new gear is brought in. You can find the catalog here: Backbeat Used Audio Gear

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That’s all folks!