Thinkerox: A Brain in a Box

Thinkerox - local author

Today’s featured book is Thinkerox: A Brain in a Box. Written in a Dr. Seuss-like rhyming style, this book warns about what can happen when people spend more time interacting with screens than each other. Our tech-addicted seven-year-old (a.k.a. The Boss) loved this book – two thumbs up! – and heard the message loud and clear. He noted in particular the importance of going outside to play and spending more time together as a family rather than always automatically choosing computer time.

This fun book was written by multi-talented local author Dr. Brian Whitestone and illustrated by Steve Rabatich (who, among other projects, worked on Toy Story at Pixar). It’s priced at just $13.95 and in Perth can be bought exclusively at Backbeat Books and Music.

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Can spending more and more screen time be really good for us all?

This rhyming children’s tale takes a provocative look at how addicted we are becoming to technology and screens.

It provides a refreshing perspective on the downside of our increasing screen based time and suggests a healthier, more balanced approach.