Tired of the same-old?

Note to customersTired of the same-old, same-old when it comes to books? There is an endless sea of award winners, bestsellers, top tens, the lists go on and on…and while there’s nothing wrong with this, why not challenge yourself to read something DIFFERENT?

Here at Backbeat, we’re small but we’re mighty. We don’t have a ton of space, so we carefully choose each and every book that makes it onto our shelves. We’re not about mass quantities, bulk buying, cookie-cutter style. Every book here has been specially chosen either for its beautiful cover, as the result of a great recommendation from a customer, friend or family member, for its intriguing synopsis, for its downright quirkiness…you get it, right? It’s as though every book has been hand-picked to receive the honour of a place on our shelves. That’s what makes the experience so special.

So, next time, instead of automatically selecting the bestseller-of-the-moment, the book that everyone’s talking about…see what speaks to YOU. A good book will seek you out. It will call to you from the shelf, ask to be placed in your hands and lead you into the best possible escape…enjoy the ride.

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