“Pop” into Backbeat

Father's Day - June 13

When I remind you that tomorrow is Father’s Day, is your first reaction one of forgetfulness and panic? No worries, check out “Dad Magazine”. Just like your own dad, it’s not necessarily as it appears…

This dad-centric satire looks like a real magazine (complete with fake ads, subscription deals, and letters to the editor), but in fact it’s a hilarious and heartfelt satire of fatherhood in twenty first-century America. With hard-hitting feature reporting, in-depth lifestyle articles, fashion tips, handy how-tos and insightful opinion pieces , this is the perfect faux periodical for dads of every age, facial-hair style, and sandals/socks combo. Photos, illustrations, and hilarious advertisements throughout showcase all the frustrations, failures, and funny moments that make up the face of modern fatherhood.

Pair it with one of our great cards by Toronto-based Dani Press. This one says “I’m so relieved I inherited your [you fill in the blank] instead of ma’s. Dodged a serious bullet on that one.”

Yeah, funny dads are the best dads.

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