Buy one new book, get one FREE!

Buy one get one

Some people like to spend their summers outside, but for others it’s the perfect time to catch up on some reading. Or you could combine the two and spend all summer outside reading. Sounds like a good compromise! Either way, we have a most amazing sale for book lovers for the month of July…

July at Backbeat is BUY ONE NEW BOOK, GET A NEW BOOK FREE! Yes, you read that right – two new books for the price of one ALL MONTH LONG! This applies to all new in-stock fiction, non-fiction, teen, kids…if it’s new, you get another new one to go.

The free book applies to the lower priced book of the two, but not to special orders (but you already get 20% off those all year long anyway).

Now your summer’s even better. Spread the word.

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