For the kids


Tired of that computer-glazed look in your kids’ eyes? Okay, here we go – tell them it’s time to put down the mouse and pick up a book!

Easier said than done, right? I hear you, but we’ve got some attention-grabbing ideas for them – and you – here…

  • From the always awesome Quirk Books, we’ve brought in Nick and Tesla’s books for middle-graders. Adventure, mystery, science and invention come together in this series to break them free from their square-box-induced comas. In each book, twins Nick and Tesla need to figure out a mystery and invent whatever is needed in order to solve it. These books not only capture your kids’ imagination, but have illustrated instructions so they can make the inventions themselves! We currently carry Nick and Tesla’s High Voltage Danger Lab, Robot Army Rampage, Solar-Powered Showdown and Special Effects Spectacular.
  • If you’re traveling in the near future and anticipate answering the question “Are we there yet?” about fifty times per hour, Usborne makes great travel books for kids to help keep them busy during long car/train/plane rides. Try their Travel Activity Book or Second Big Maze Book or switch it up with activity cards in the 50 Things To Do on a Journey or 100 Things for Little Children To Do On a Journey packages.
  • Outdoor Math: Fun Activities for Every Season will get your kids up off the couch, combining math and outdoor fun using objects in their surroundings such as stones, pinecones, snowballs and worms. Yeah, worms. Whatever keeps them interested, right?
  • Let your kids discover just how amazing their brains are with National Geographic’s Brain Games: The Mind-Blowing Science of Your Amazing Brain! This fun, interactive book includes fun facts and challenges. Encourage them to impress you with all of their newfound knowledge!
  • Crafty kids will enjoy these books by PaperMade – we currently have Paper Ninja and Paper Cats in stock. The pages are pre-cut, scored and perforated, so kids can follow the instructions and be playing with their new creations in no time!

Hopefully these ideas help incorporate some creative analog time for your kids, even if it’s only a temporary break from the (You)tube. And, hey, we still have Minecraft books in stock if your kids just want to get even better at what they love to do most. That said, any kind of reading is encouraged in our books…as long as they’re reading.