Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker – out today on vinyl

Leonard Cohen’s 14th studio album “You Want It Darker” is out today on vinyl. We’ve had a unprecedented amount of interest and pre-orders for this release, luckily we were able to fill all our pre-orders and still have a few copies left for stock. Definitely a must listen to album for 2016.

The new collection of startling songs was produced by his son Adam Cohen, and following October’s global launch event at the Official Residence of the Consul General of Canada in Los Angeles, the accolades for this body of work have been pouring in from around the world.

“What is truly extraordinary about Cohen is not that he is still making albums but that they are as rich, deep and potent as ever,” UK Telegraph – 5 stars

C’est surtout un album d’une rare beauté dans lequel les musiques, à la fois riches et dépouillées, se mettent vraiment au service de la voix à nulle autre pareille de Leonard Cohen qui n’a jamais paru si proche’,” La Presse – 5 stars

“Cohen’s voice remains strong, measured and assured. There is, as ever, flashes of playful humour in his wonderful use of language,” The Irish Times – 5 stars

“Leonard Cohen Makes It Darker. At eighty-two, the troubadour has another album coming. Like him, it is obsessed with mortality, God-infused, and funny,” The New Yorker

“Avec You Want It Darker, disque à la fois puissant et sombre dans lequel il aborde des thèmes qui lui sont chers comme la mortalité et la spiritualité, Leonard Cohen nous prouve qu’il est toujours aussi inspire,” Le Journal de Montreal

“An unquestioned masterpiece. Cohen courts what is most uncomfortable in the human condition and transforms that terrifying unease into something of great beauty – and in the process, some comfort too,” The Arts Desk – 5 stars

“This is Cohen’s gift to music lovers: a realistically grim, spiritually radiant and deeply poetic worldview, spiked with a romantic thrum and an existential wink,” Rolling Stone – 4 stars

“You Want It Darker, it is such a pleasure to listen to… this album confirms he has much more to say, much more to share, as a sage who doesn’t offer himself as such but rather as a fellow questioner stumbling through. Yes, Leonard, if you’re asking, we do want it darker,” Sydney Morning Herald – 4.5 stars