Classics reimagined

There are lots of storylines and characters that we all know and recognize from classic tales. But what if the plots and people we know so well were flipped on their heads? What different perspective could we get if the story were to be seen from a secondary character’s point of view? What would it look like if a real person’s life was retold as a work of pure fiction? One thing these books have in common is the proof that there are always multiple sides to every story.

If you’re looking for a new spin on an old standby, pictured are a few twists on classic fairytales, foreign folktales, fictional biographies and magical retellings. These imaginative narrators have taken plenty of liberties, freeing the characters we thought we were familiar with and setting them loose into brand new worlds. They’re all twists on the originals that will surely send you straight down the rabbit hole.

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