Laughing stock

We often hear laughter coming from the book side. We really like to inject a little humour over there. Whether it’s the cards or the books we choose, we’re definitely drawn to the quirky things in life.

With our used books, we provide a wide range of titles across all genres, but for our new books, we want you to discover unique titles you might not typically find elsewhere. Which explains why we have books about things like teaching your cat about gun safety, books about death and goldfish, about racing in lobster suits…you know, not your typical stories. Because while average might be good when it comes to things like heart rates, it can get kinda ho-hum when it comes to books.

Life, for the most part, is silly and ridiculous and especially when it throws us those inevitable curveballs from time to time, it’s good to take a break, put your worries aside and just have a laugh.

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