Book Browse Video

How are you spending your extra downtime at home? There are only so many episodes of Tiger King to watch and the news isn’t very entertaining lately. How about picking up a few books to fill the void?

We’ve done our “Flippin” videos for your record needs how about a “Book Browse” video for a change? We’ve filmed nearly our entire used book section by genre for you. Throw on your favourite music and peruse our shelves! Want to jump to a certain section? There are some quick links for you in the video description on YouTube.

If you see a few you like, you can get yourself 4 used books for $36 shipped within Ontario (and that includes the tax). Payment can be made by e-transfer / PayPal / credit card. Just send us a message or email and we’ll process it and get it shipped directly to you.

Stay safe, stay home and we’ll see you soon!