RSD Drops 2021

Hey Backbeaters! Maybe you saw the Record Store Day Drops release lists last week. If not, go check them out now. If there is anything that you are after let us know pronto. Your input is HUGE when it comes to ordering Record Store Day releases. We won’t be ordering everything on the lists so we really want to hear from you! What releases are you hoping to get your hands on?

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RSD Canada –

Once again there will not be a big party for Record Store Day this year but instead there will be two RSD Drops dates on June 12 and July 17.

RSD Drops are different than Record Store Day. Instead of releasing all titles on one day, instead of having a massive crowd of customers in the store at once for an extended period of time, instead of having a party with bands and food and beer and everything else that the previous Record Store Day events have been celebrated with, there will be a couple of RSD DROPS one on June 12 and another July 17.

As with any Record Store Day release supply is always super limited and we aren’t guaranteed to receive all the releases or quantity we order.