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It’s Friday! We’ve got a great lineup of new releases to feature this week. This year is certainly off to a great start with all the amazing releases that have been coming out!
Out today are the latest from Mitski, Cate Le Bon, “Black Country, New Road” and more! All available as indie-shop exclusives or limited editions. Plus there’s a couple Lonnie Liston-Smith reissues to sink your stylus into.
Here’s a quick rundown of the new releases, but hit up the eShop here for more album info.

Mitski – Laurel Hell (Limited Edition)
With “Laurel Hell”, Mitski cements her reputation as an artist capable of using her talent to perform the alchemy that turns our most savage and alienated experiences into the very elixir that cures them.

Black Country, New Road – Ants From Up There (Indie Exclusive)
Following on almost exactly a year to the day from the release of their acclaimed debut “For the First Time”, the band have harnessed the momentum from that record and run full pelt into their second.

Cate Le Bon – Pompeii (Indie Exclusive)
Written primarily on bass and composed entirely alone in an “uninterrupted vacuum,” Le Bon plays every instrument (except drums and saxophones) and recorded the album largely by herself with long-term collaborator and co-producer Samur Khouja in Cardiff, Wales.

Poppy – Flux (Indie Exclusive)
Flux marks yet another artistic leap for the ever-evolving musician, featuring a stream-lined songwriting approach that puts her indelible earworm melodies at the foreground of a kaleidoscopic mosaic of overdriven guitars.

Billy Bragg – The Million Things That Never Happened (Indie Exclusive)
Bragg wrote the entire album solo, aside from “Ten Mysterious Photos That Can’t Be Explained,” which he co-wrote with his son Jack Valero.

See you soon!

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