A Nice Pair: Questlove + Miles Davis

It’s Sunday, it’s Thanksgiving weekend and it’s time for A Nice Pair!

Since many will be gathering around the table, often involving potlucks this weekend, it seems fitting to feature Questlove’s Mixtape Potluck cookbook and Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue for this week’s book and music pairing.

Ahmir Khalib Thompson (aka Questlove) is not only a producer, a DJ, designer, drummer, cofounder of The Roots, bandleader for The Tonight Show and author, he’s also a foodie. Mixtape Potluck contains recipes from his friends who have been invited to his dream potluck.

Where does Miles Davis enter the picture? The cookbook also features song prompts for each recipe. Questlove chose the song “Blue in Green” off of the album Kind of Blue to go with Camille Becerra’s Poached Chicken Wraps, as he imagined she’d make something “subdued and beautiful.”

Wishing you all a great long weekend! We’re thankful for you.

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