Psycho Christmas

It’s Friday!
Since it snowed this week we pulled out the Christmas albums. Not sure what I think about that just yet, so in that spirit we do have a couple fresh Christmas releases that hit a little different. Psych-Out Christmas and Psychobilly Christmas are holiday albums featuring artists you may not expect!
This week we also have new releases from Queensryche and Candlemass, plus the recent remasters of Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion I and II.
There’s a new compilation called Here It Is: A Tribute To Leonard Cohen featuring various artists doing Cohen covers.
Finally, 30 years on from selling loads of this on CD when I was a teenager working at Sam the Record Man we’re now selling The Bodyguard soundtrack again but on vinyl here at Backbeat.

Drop by the store to check out all the latest or hit up the eShop for more details.
Don’t forget to check out the “Flippin’ Video” on Facebook from earlier this week for the lasted used albums to hit the bins here.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the new stuff in this week.

Candlemass – Sweet Evil Sun
Reunited with outstanding original vocalist Johan Langquist, the band around founding member Leif Edling finds its way back to its roots and finally delivers the long awaited, earth-shaking new full-length album.

Queensryche – Digital Noise Alliance
Queensryche’s 16th studio album and fourth to be helmed by founding guitarist Michael Wilton, vocalist Todd LaTorre and bassist Eddie Jackson continues the ever-evolving legacy the Bellvue Washington born band began in 1982.

Bodyguard, The – Original Soundtrack Album
Whitney Houston co-executive produced and recorded six songs for the soundtrack to The Bodyguard, her feature film acting debut. The album became the best-selling soundtrack of all time.

Here It Is: A Tribute To Leonard Cohen (Various Artists)
Producer Larry Klein pays tribute to his friend Leonard Cohen with an album that presents stunning new renditions of the legendary singer-songwriter’s compositions performed by an extraordinary line-up of vocalists.

Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion I / Use Your Illusion II
Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion I and II remastered for the first-time ever from high-resolution 96kHz 24-bit transfers from the original stereo 1/2-inch analog master tapes.

Psychobilly Christmas (Various Artists)
Celebrate (or desecrate) the holidays with this unruly group of psychobilly bands and their unusual twists on Christmas classics as well as original recordings!

Psych-Out Christmas (Various Artists)
Get high with Santa this Christmas and listen to this collection of trippy holiday favourites for a yuletide experience you won’t soon forget!

See you soon!

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