A Nice Pair: Moby

For this week’s A Nice Pair, we’re travelling back to the 90s. The EDM scene was hot and Moby was one of the top artists of that genre…

His memoir, Porcelain, covers his life from 1989 to 1999, when he was struggling to make it as a DJ and musician in the New York club scene. He describes his experiences of poverty, alienation, addiction, and romance, as well as his encounters with various celebrities and artists. He was known for his faith, his veganism, and his music. Porcelain is a candid and humorous account of Moby’s journey from obscurity to success, and the challenges and joys of creating art in a changing world.

We recommend pairing it with the album I Like To Score, which is primarily music he recorded for film soundtracks. His first hit that launched him into stardom, Go, is featured on this album. The version we currently stock is the limited pink coloured vinyl pressing.

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