In Times New Roman…

It’s Friday! The latest Queens of the Stone Age album “In Times New Roman…” is out today!
This one comes in a few different colour variations plus nice shiny black vinyl.
We have already sold out of a couple colour variants but we can definitely let you know when more come in. Alternately you can sign up for an email notification right from our eShop.

Queens Of The Stone Age – In Times New Roman…
“In Times New Roman…”, the 8th studio album from Queens Of The Stone Age, is raw, brutal, and rough around the edges, but with a refinement that reveals itself further with each successive listen – and QOTSA founder Joshua Homme’s lyrics are as witty and withering as ever. The results are instantly identifiable; QOTSA’s sonic signature, expanded and embellished with new and unprecedented twists in virtually every song, a live in-a-room recording that showcases a band at the height of their creative powers. “In Times New Roman…” is a party for the obscene and the clean, the outcasts and the weirdos, and anyone and everyone in between. One of the most important bands in recent rock history is BACK, and it’s no exaggeration to call this album a devastating rebirth.

See you soon!

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