A Nice Pair: Tegan & Sara

Today’s Nice Pair features Canadian twins Tegan & Sara. We’re pairing their latest collabs with each other: their graphic memoir Tegan & Sara: Junior High with their album Crybaby.

While they obviously have a lot in common – their sisterhood, music, queerness and fame – they are still their own entities. This book is about the twins trying to find their place in a new home and at a new school. For the first time, they found themselves finding different friends, taking different paths and discovering who they were both as sisters and individuals. Set in the present day, this inspiring, lightly fictionalized autobiography covers their shifting sisterhood, their own experiences coming out, and the first steps of their musical journey.

We’re pairing their book with their latest studio album Crybaby. This is their tenth studio album. Tegan and Sara wrote the majority of the songs for the album in 2020 during the pandemic and it was released in 2022.

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