Lenker Waxahatchee

It’s the weekend! We’ve got a few new and recent release to feature today including the latest from Adrianne Lenker and Waxahatchee. Let’s dig in.

Adrianne Lenker – Bright Future (Indie Exclusive)
Adrianne Lenker presents “Bright Future”, her sophomore follow-up to 2020’s “Songs And Instrumentals”. In the lineage of Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, Lenker stands alone today as a generational songwriter, both solo and as a member of Big Thief. A special musician, her reliable talent captured on “Bright Future” is in stunning, magnetic clarity.

Waxahatchee – Tigers Blood (Indie Exclusive)
On her new album, “Tigers Blood”, Crutchfield emerges as a powerhouse – an ethnologist of the self – forever dedicated to revisiting her wins and losses. But now she’s arriving at revelations and she ain’t holding them back.

Norah Jones – Visions
Visions is a vibrant and joyous 12-song set that finds Jones singing about feeling free, wanting to dance, making it right, and acceptance of what life brings. It’s the yang to the yin that was Pick Me Up Off The Floor, Jones’ last album.

Amigo The Devil – Yours Until the War is Over (Indie Exclusive)
The next chapter of Danny Kiranos, p/k/a Amigo the Devil, continues with Yours Until the War is Over – his most disarming and singular work to date. The 13-track project weaves themes of relatable self-destruction and trauma bonding with arresting authenticity. Riddled with obscure literary references.

See you soon!

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