Zakk Wolfe Webster

It’s Friday so of course we’ve got a few new vinyl releases to feature today. The latest Zakk Sabbath, Chelsea Wolfe and Faye Webster are in stock!

FYI – We’ll be posting a “Flippin’ Video” tomorrow with some great used albums we’re putting out, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for that!

Here some info on the recent new releases for this week:

Zakk Sabbath – Doomed Forever Forever Doomed
ZAKK SABBATH are back with an even more massive dose of pure BLACK SABBATH worship! Celebrating more than 50 years of Birmingham’s most famous four, the ‘inventors’ of heavy metal are being honoured by the preeminent tribute trio led by guitarist and singer Zakk Wylde. Availalbe on black, purple or red vinyl.

Chelsea Wolfe – She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She (Indie Exclusive)
Chelsea Wolfe’s latest album, She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She, is a rebirth in process. It’s a powerfully cathartic statement about cutting ties, as well as an important reminder that healing is cyclical and circular, and not a simple linear process.

Faye Webster – Underdressed At The Symphony
Faye Webster’s songs are direct lines to the human subconscious, and “Underdressed At The Symphony” documents what happens once you begin to build a new self from the ashes of your old routines. This rebirth isn’t flashy or definitive, but is instead a series of seemingly mundane moments that, scattered across weeks and months, sneak their way toward something like healing.

See you soon!

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