A Nice Pair – The Beatles

In honour of Mother’s Day, today we’re pairing The Beatles’ classic album Let It Be with the book Sound Man by Glyn Johns.

The title track of the album was written by Paul McCartney after his late mother, Mary, visited him in a dream to impart some words of wisdom on him: let it be. These simple words – a gift of comfort and reassurance – remind us that the love and influence of our mothers endure far beyond their physical presence.

We’re pairing the album with a memoir, Sound Man, written by Glyn Johns, a renowned Rock and Roll Hall of Fame producer and sound engineer. Throughout his remarkable career, Johns collaborated with iconic artists, including The Beatles. Notably, during the “Let It Be” sessions, he had the opportunity to observe John Lennon and Yoko Ono. These sessions were pivotal for the Beatles, as they marked the end of their recording career together. Johns provides insights into the creative process and dynamics within the band during this period.

We hope you all have a great day today…see you soon!

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