A Nice Pair: Tegan & Sara

Today, we’re continuing our celebration of Pride Month and pairing Tegan and Sara’s latest album, Crybaby, with their graphic novel, Tegan & Sara: Junior High.

The book is a blend of autobiography and fiction and is about growing up, coming out, music and sisterhood. Finding themselves at a new home and a new school, the Quin twins planned to face all of the ensuing challenges together, but as they grow up, they grow apart and question who one is without the other. This is the first book in a series, so be sure to read this instalment and then read the follow-up, Crush, coming out this fall.

Crybaby is Tegan & Sara’s tenth studio album. In 2021, during production and script writing for the TV series High School, based on their book of the same name, Tegan and Sara went to the studio to record demos of “I Can’t Grow Up” and “All I Wanted”. The songs were initially intended as standalone singles, but during the first day of recording, they became inspired to instead develop a complete album.

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