Monsters of Spiritualized Sade

It’s the weekend! We’ve got a few new and recent re-issues to feature today including from Sade, Spiritualized and Monsters of Folk. Let’s dig in.

Spiritualized – Songs in A&E
The album is a collection of graceful, country-influenced songs that muse on familiar themes of love, death, hope and hopelessness. The country element was informed by a small black 1928 Gibson acoustic he’d bought in Cincinnati while the band toured the Amazing Grace record. Spaceman called it “The Devil.”

Sade – Promise
Promise is the second studio album by Sade, released in 1985. The album’s title comes from a letter from Sade Adu’s father, where he refers to the “promise of hope” to recover from cancer.

Sade – Diamond Life
Diamond Life is Sade’s debut studio album, released in the United Kingdom in 1984. It features soulful tracks like “Your Love Is King” and the iconic “Smooth Operator”. The album achieved multi-platinum status, selling over 10 million copies worldwide.

Sade – Stronger Than Pride
Stronger Than Pride is the third studio album by Sade, released in 1988. Produced by Sade Adu, it replicated the success of the previous albums, selling millions of copies worldwide and going triple platinum in the US.

Monsters Of Folk – Monsters of Folk (15th Anniversary)
First released in 2009, Monsters of Folk now sees the original 15-song album joined by five additional studio tracks from a previously unreleased 2012 session featuring “Fifth Monster” Will Johnson (Centro-matic), including the high-energy heartland rock anthem, “Disappeared”.

See you soon!

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