Dig Thy Savage Soul – NEW RELEASE

2013-08-14 10.20.59

Boston’s legendary Barrence Whitfield & The Savages’ new album Dig Thy Savage Soul is a wealth of atomic-powered, sock-it-to-me R&B and rock & roll hoodoo. Barrence, possessing otherworldly pipes that range from a low feral growl rumbling the nether regions to a scream that would make Little Richard blush, belts out originals and crate-diver covers with the formidable and aptly-named Savages. They keep his back with a punk rock grit and blues ferocity that lives in the frets between Chuck Berry and Jack White. Together, Barrence & the Savages lay down a groovy racket that’s so thick and greasy, you need moist towelettes near the hi-fi.
“Incredible soul, hard-cutting instrumentation, and the kind of throwback, dirty, bluesy vocals that are Whitfield’s calling card.” –DIG

Check out the first track of the album right here.

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