You can hear those jukebox jumpin’

We now have a pretty cool Rock-Ola 440 (1968/69) jukebox at the shop. We are just getting it loaded up with 45s and still need to write out the catalog papers then it is ready to rock.


It is setup to accept quarters, so $0.25 gets you 2 song selections and all the money received from playing songs will be donated to the Perth Union Library to help support the Children’s Literacy Program. Our 5 year old son Tenzin was part of the Literacy Program this summer. It is a tremendous program that they have developed and we are very excited to support it. You can find more information about it here:

So grab some quarters, come in to check out some songs on the Rock-Ola and at the same time support an amazing program at your local library.



The jukebox is for sale for $895.00 and comes with a 90day warranty. For more information on the jukebox, please drop by the shop, send us an email or give us a call.

When we do sell the jukebox we have another one lined up so we will continue to fund raise using a jukebox at our store.


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