Something’s missing…

Good day,

If you’ve been by the store this week you may have noticed that our sweet old jukebox is gone. It was sold and moved into a new home where I’m sure the family will enjoy many many years with that cool Rock-Ola. We’ve enjoyed having it here watching people dance around the shop (for real) and listening to 45s.

Do not fear though, next week we will be getting in another model so we can keep the tunes playing and supporting the Children’s Literacy Program at the Perth and District Union Library. We are going to keep it a surprise what model is coming in. I’ve seen it and it is really funky. The Rock-Ola was from the late 60s the new jukebox is from the mid 70s. The featured image is a hint as to what it may look like. Once it is here and we load it up with fresh tunes (sorry no more YMCA) we will post here to let you all know.



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