Black Friday shopping in Perth?

The day after American Thanksgiving is that crazy crazy shopping day we all see go down on the news where people still getting over all the indulgence of Thanksgiving line up all day then push and shove their way in to and out of stores trying to get what they hope is the best deal before Christmas. The crazies are starting to trickle into Canadian big box stores now also.
This is called Black Friday.

What does this have to do with Backbeat Books and Music?


Well, since all this wild shopping and seemingly crazy sales are geared toward the large box stores the good folks that organize “Record Store Day” (April 20th this past spring) have taken it another step in recent years and introduced “Record Store Day – Black Friday Edition“. This day is to encourage people to shop at a local indie music store, to possibly find that special and unique gift not just the usual socks and sweater present. This year there will be dozens of special and limited edition releases available only through indie record stores like Backbeat Books and Music. So mark down November 29th on your calender and plan a trip to our store to find see what’s new and available that day.

You can find a list of all the releases that will be made available here:

Although we do try to get almost everything on that list, avaiability is very limited since most releases are special editions and will not generally be re-issued. There will also be items not on that list just show up so you never know exactly what you’ll find that day. We order lots and get what we get. So it’s best to let us know early if you are interested in something specific for Black Friday and we will put an extra copy on order for you however cannot guarantee delivery.

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