Vinyl invasion

Usually when we post about recent arrival vintage it’s 20 or 30 albums. Today we have put out over 400 vintage vinyl that has not been in the shop before. Well some of it has, but it’s been squirreled away because we just didn’t have the space.

Well, we’ve invaded the book side of our store! The couch and coffee table are gone and have been replaced with crates of records. Don’t worry couch crashers, this isn’t permanent, the couch will be back in 2 weeks. We will have all these albums out until the end of the Black Friday weekend (more to come on our plans really soon).

There are some amazing albums in there, 1st pressings, UK / Euro pressings, lots of prog and late 80s. Hey, if you know anyone who is a Pet Shop Boys fan let them know, there’s a load in there.


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