Attention Parents of Insomniacs

Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep

The cat on the left is obviously a party animal and the bear on the right is clearly ready for a night on the town, but the rabbit in the middle really wants himself and your child to fall asleep. Now.

Lots of books make big claims and I have to admit I was initially pretty skeptical of The Rabbit Who Want To Sleep. It’s described as an “innovative, child-tested bedtime story” that says “it’s as easy as reading a simple story with special language that helps children relax and fall asleep.” But then I read the rave reviews, tested it on my own child, and now I believe the claims…because our little insomniac actually fell asleep!

…(Cue chorus of angels)…

So long as you read the book following the simple instructions that precede the story, it’s definitely worth a try. We now use it every night and while it doesn’t make him fall asleep before the story ends every single time, it’s literally a minute or two before we can escape for some much-needed relaxation of our own. If we don’t fall asleep ourselves while reading the story, that is.

Copies happily in stock and highly recommended.

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